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To give you an better idea of how we can help you, here is a short list of project examples we have successfully accomplished.

for OEMs

Sensor electronic and firmware with embedded Bluetooth

Here we did developed the circuit and firmware for a sensor that measures 3-axial vibration, temperature and rotation speed. The data if transferred via Bluetooth to another device.


Sensor electronic and firmware with embedded Bluetooth

for any Industry

Visualization for quality inspection machine

In this project we retrofitted a quality inspection machine adding a computer visualization. The visualization contains also a server and a database that collects and stores all the data. PDF reports are then generated automatically through batch control.



Control system for resin conveyance and pre-heat control

We developed for a manufacturing plant a system that conveys high-viscosity adhesive resin from the container to the production line through pre-heated pipes. The resin temperature had to be kept constant all along the way.



for any Business

Business application for audit management

This is one out of many examples of business applications. Here the goal was to create a system to schedule, approve, execute, manage and close all audits performed by the customer including all subsidiaries around the world.



Server side development and e-commerce integration for web application

A customer specializing in front-end development did create an online application and needed help handle the server side. We developed a RESTful server in the cloud to provide all required functionalities like account creation, login, email notification, e-commerce and more...



Custom dashboard for business process

Managers constantly need to monitor their business processes and this is a classical example. Here we collected data from a corporate database and created a series of dashboards with graphs and statistical calculations to provide the customer with a great overview of its process.



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